The Institute for Community Leadership works to prepare individuals with ethical leadership for personal and social responsibility creating peace-filled relationships in society. Unleash one’s voice so they can speak for themselves and advocate for their vision of a more just nation and world.

Our Work

Professional Development

ICL produces professional development classes for educators, paraprofessionals, administrators, public servants, elected leadership and others through various classes, seminars, and guest lectures.

Youth Otherness

ICL’s youth programming dynamically engages youth in their society and empowers them towards academic, social, and professional achievement. Our culturally relevant and research-based curriculum directly addresses academic disparities and prepares youth for meaningful lives.

Community Leadership

ICL hosts vibrant community leadership events and seminars throughout the west coast region we serve. All community members—from youth to educator to administrator—are welcome to these relevant conversations. A strong community is at the core of the world’s development.

Latest Blogs

Arbor Day UPS Tree Planting

In honor of Arbor Day, ICL students, families, friends and UPS employees planted roughly 100 Redbud, Maple and Douglas Fir trees! When we work with our hands,…

School Board Meeting

Communities thrive where citizens are civically engaged. We engage civically when we speak up to the school board, write elected officials, and prepare to be an informed…

2019 Civil Rights Pilgrimage

We are proud Fatima represented Rep. Adam Smith and the 9th Congressional District on the Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage with over 40 members of Congress in Selma,…


Institute students have been preparing to honor Motherhood throughout the month of May. The Institute for Community Leadership, in collaboration with Mother Africa, hosted a “Celebrating Mothers” event…

Life and Legacy: Student on Dr. King

Institute student, Isaac Sotelo, on the power of nonviolence and Dr. King's teachings during the annual educational leadership class. During Life and Legacy courses, we honor and…


Gratitude, it turns out, makes you happier and healthier. If you invest in a way of seeing the world that is mean and frustrated, you’re going to…

ICL and Civic Education Statewide

Civics classes in all elementary, middle and high schools, voter education and registration opportunities for all high school seniors, and community-based civic engagement opportunities in all schools…


The TO US YOU MATTER, Vote! campaign answers the hard-hitting questions that deconstruct inequity, such as “What can we do to get people more civically engaged and…


“Organize. Advocate! Be a role model for justice! Apply today for the CIVIC ENGAGEMENT INTERNSHIP, a paid, 8 month internship in social justice. Nomination from a college faculty…

Civic Engagement Summer Pilgrimage

Over the our Civic Engagement Summer Pilgrimage, the Institute for Community Leadership embarked on a six week journey where students, interns and staff traveled to 32 cities,…


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, said Representative John Lovick (WA-44) Everett, Washington. Rep. Lovick dialogued with Civic Engagement Pilgrimage students and staff about…

Fresno State Peace Garden

Dr. Sudarshan Kapoor constructs peace every day. He creates organizations, partnerships, and coalitions dedicated to peace with justice. Dr. Kapoor is the former founding director of the…

Peace March for Lost Loved Ones

“Every moment is an organizing opportunity, every person a potential activist, every minute a chance to change the world.” Dolores Huerta. This week the pilgrimage is hosted…

Camp Life

Swimming in Lake Siskiyou, at the foot of Mt. Shasta. We camped here. We swam in the clear water that flows from the glaciers. We played, sang,…

Why it Matters

In one way, or another, we as people have come to define the world as unfair. Violence haunts families and pays the malicious; and what little paradise…

Hate Speech Oregon

Hate Speech Oregon UNITE Oregon works to build a unified, intercultural movement for justice addressing racial profiling and hate crimes. Kayse Jama, Executive Director, discussed with Institute…

The Importance of Circles

Leadership calls on us to step out of our comfort zones. Everyone can see when something is unjust and wrong, yet not everyone will act to be…

Community Minded in Spokane, WA

The cameras rolled in this Spokane studio with Community Minded TV and Black Lens monthly newspaper organizers, Ben Cabildo and Sandra Williams. The Institute’s youth and staff…


To alleviate a social disease or dysfunction, problem, or injustice, we have to change our behavior.  Alleviating HIV AIDS requires behavior changes.  Addressing childhood diabetes requires effecting…


Celebrating the 4th of July at Tacoma’s Freedom Fair, the delegation encountered Perry, a retired musician, originally from Oakland. Perry noticing the young people’s provocative red shirts…

Fourth of July

What better way to spend the 4th of July than registering people to vote, and getting civic?  On the 4th of July ICL was invited to provide…

My Vote Doesn’t Count

Those who think their vote doesn’t count are half right.  A significant number of Americans who are eligible to vote, do not vote.  Of those, a common…


The Institute for Community Leadership(ICL) Civic Engagement Pilgrimage: A pilgrimage is a journey of cultural spiritual significance. A pilgrimage may involve sacrifice, leaving certain things behind, and…


The Quinault Indian Nation is a sovereign nation with the right to govern itself and deal with other tribes and nations on a government-to-government basis. By various…

Hood Canal School

Delegates joined the superintendent and principal of Hood Canal School District, Mr. Shawn Batstone in Shelton, Washington. We were able to share our experiences, answer questions, ask…

Colville Powwow

Elders, children and tribal members of all ages entered fancy dancing and grass dancing competitions, in handmade, elegant regalia from head to foot, arrived on the closing…

Give BIG May 3!

GiveBIG May 3rd to Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement! Young people need the guidance and support necessary to become successful, civically engaged leaders. They need the opportunity…

Being Frank, U.S. Should Honor Billy Frank’s Dream

Being Frank, U.S. Should Honor Billy Frank’s Dream, by Lorraine Loomis, Northwest Treaty Tribes, Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission. Original Article: http://nwtreatytribes.org/u-s-honor-billy-franks-dream/   Billy Frank Jr., longtime chairman…

Sex, Drugs, and Facebook

72% of youth are “constantly connected”, reports Dr. Megan Moreno, principal researcher for the Social Media and Adolescent Health Research Team and presenter for the Institute for…

Remembering Billy Frank Jr.

The Institute for Community Leadership expresses the profound sadness of our students, board and staff over the passing of Billy Frank Jr. We express our condolences to…

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Why should you make a donation?

The Institute helps schools and educators serve more students well. We assist youth in developing their own vision for America, and teach them the academic and social skills necessary for their vision to come into reality.

What does your donation go towards?

Enabling educators, professionals, and young people to deeply engage in current events and in the study of contradictions in society that impact our lives on a day-to-day basis. Your donation may be directed to a specific project or activity. General organizational support is also appreciated.

Frequently asked questions


Who do you work with?

Home based programming serves young people ages 14-24 of Washington State, with a focus on South King County.


Can my child get involved?

Contact: The ICL classes and programs for students help our young people become part of this dialogue– and help them become part of the solution. Please contact: Eric Fuller, (253) 867-7600 or at Eric@icleadership.org Martha Troujo at (253) 872-3612 or Martha@icleadership.org


Do you work with educators?

Yes, we do! We provide classes and programming with schools and community organizations in more than 100 school districts in 17 states and five countries.


How can I get involved?

Well, thanks for asking. You can call us at (253) 872-3612, join our email list by filling out the form at the bottom of the page, to keep up with events!

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