Rev. Malando D. Redeemer, Tacoma Coordinator, and Intern for “To Us You Matter: Vote!” Campaign. Currently a student at Faith International University, on his way to completing a degree in Ministry and Religion. Malando is a Tacoma native and graduate from Bellarmine Preparatory School, where he served as ASB President, Drum Major and Diversity President, fighting for the furtherance of equality and diversity in education. Following in the footsteps of his Hero’s and (S)hero’s , Judge Frank Burgess, Mayor Harold Moss, Rev. Dr. Gregory Christopher, Dr. Maxine Mimms and others; Rev. Redeemer is a up-and-coming leader for social change, justice and equality. He served on a special committee put together by the then Mayor of Tacoma, Marylyn Strickland on equity in Tacoma, also as Youth President for the Tacoma Branch of the NAACP. Malando is, often called upon to speak for Unity gatherings and rallies, such as the Tacoma Unity March, led by the City Mayor, Police Chief and Pastors, and other rallies such as The Tacoma Hill-Top rally in response to all those who have been slain unjustly. After graduating from Bellarmine, Redeemer went on to become co-founder of the Diversity and Multicultural office at Northwest University. The Reverend, is now an associate minister at Shiloh Baptist Church, serving under Pastor Gregory Christopher, previously serving as Youth Pastor at People’s Institutional Baptist Church in Seattle. Rev. Malando Redeemer, is dedicated to raising a generation, who is equipped and ready to serve others, speak up, and be a light in the midst of what seems to be a dark world.