Eric Fuller, II


Eric Fuller





Eric Fuller II, Youth Leadership Coach. Eric is a graduate from Oakland’s Castlemont High School and has been an active participant with the Institute for Community Leadership since his freshman year.  Eric has organized nonviolence leadership classes and numerous leadership exchanges with youth from the Bay Area and various urban, rural and tribal communities including the Yurok and Quinault Nations.  Eric served as a delegate to the Congressional Black Caucus Political Training Boot Camp, and as a participant on the Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage to Alabama with Members of Congress.  He has participated in nonviolence trainings at the Jack Hunter O’Dell Education Center.  Eric’s interest in the principles of nonviolence and the history of the Civil Rights Movement has resulted in interviewing Congressman John Lewis, Dorothy Cotton, Jack O’Dell, Bob Zellner, Bernard Lafayette and James Lawson.  Eric attends Merritt College where is working on an AA degree after which he plans to transfer to Sacramento State.  Eric is a student of the principles of nonviolence and works with his colleagues to become what Dr. King calls, a “transformed nonconformist.”