2019 To Us You Matter: Civic Engagement Tour

For six weeks this summer, the Institute for Community Leadership will produce the “To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour.” The tour changes lives and inspires individuals to become life-long active citizens who are dedicated to developing a stronger democracy in America.

More than 80 youth will travel to 32 cities, villages and tribal nations, meet with elected officials, community leaders, educators and citizens in a life-transforming experience that has proven long-term benefits for the students and communities. As a result of participating in the tour, youth develop skills in critical analysis, problem identification and solutions, community organizing, public speaking and the lifelong importance of civic engagement for all.

Students and staff will be sleeping on gym floors, preparing our own meals, and we will have three to four meetings and two of our own classes daily. In short, students and staff will be intently engaged from 6 AM till 10:30 PM studying and practicing organizing and becoming participants in the efforts to end childhood poverty, to address climate change and keep our waters clean for our salmon and our people, and to develop community-police relationships that truly support safety and security.

Please view this short video that gives an excellent and energetic overview of the annual tour’s purpose and the transformative and empowering effects it has on the lives of our youth: