Treva Reid joins ICL Students and Staff for an online Leadership Seminar

We are grateful to Oakland City Council member Treva Reid for joining our youth leaders and staff for an online leadership seminar.

Councilmember Reid shared her wealth of experience from growing up in a family devoted to public service and community to her advice for dealing with adversity. Treva Reid is a community leader, advocate, and overcomer. She was raised in a family of educators, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and laborers with a deep respect for hard work. Her passion to serve stems from growing up in a large civically engaged family where her great-grandmother’s political activism informed their values. Reid has a tenacious determination to overcome seemingly impossible situations. Her personal experience with childhood trauma, gun violence, domestic abuse, poverty, and housing instability motivates her passion to fight for justice and challenge unfair practices.

ICL continues to increase our online classes and sessions during COVID-19. We are bringing experts from around the world with feet-on-the-ground experience in organizing, civic engagement and public service together with our youth and staff. This is an excellent time to study the relevance and importance of transforming ourselves to make change in the world.