Leadership Seminar with Supervisor Federal D. Glover

“Now is the time for change. Now is the time to be activated.”

We joined Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal D. Glover at his office in Pittsburg, CA, for an energetic and inspiring leadership seminar. His more than two decades in public service are a call to action for all to wake up, step up and make change for the better.

Born and raised in Pittsburg, Supervisor Glover has lived in District 5 all his life. He has worked to improve the stability of the community through a commitment to reinforcing a sense of unity building bridges of trust, inclusion and cooperation among diverse elements.

He believes a strong community values the uniqueness of these different interest groups and diverse religious traditions. A strong community also recognizes their interdependency.

“Besides shared values, rights and responsibility,” he says, “we also need an atmosphere of civility, trust and respect along with opportunities for networking and active participation.

”Many thanks, Supervisor Glover!