Congressman Ro Khanna met with our youth leaders and staff during our “To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour”

Justice that Instills a sense of love with accountability.

“You can’t get to justice just through reason, you can’t get to justice just by thinking that something is in everyone’s mutual interest, Congressman Ro Khanna told our youth leaders and staff. “There has to be some powerful emotion of love for fellow citizens, of love for community, to have that achieved.

“The question, of course, is how do you have that kind of love and what does that kind of love mean in a society that is pluralistic? “How do we have love that is grounded in wishing what is good for others while sufficiently respecting their values and world views? This is one of the questions that is a challenge of modern American democracy.

”Congressman Khanna had a deep dialog with us about the importance of democracy in our pluralistic society. We are grateful for his time and sharing his views that combine intellectual rigor and philosophical curiosity with a dedication to public service and inclusion.

We’re on the road for our six-week “To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour” of the West Coast with 30 youth leaders studying and acting to strengthen our democracy.