Interracial Cultural Exchanges

Tribal Canoe Journeys | 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington | Examples of exchanges

Caption HereLeadership exchanges are designed to address meaningful community problem solving, and assure diverse civic engagement opportunities for the intergenerational delegates. Many times the exchanges conform to themes, such as civil rights, economic crises, the status of educational equity in our schools, the need for peaceful relationships regionally and globally or ecological sustainability. They are intentionally urban, rural, and tribal, and have taken place in 21 states and seven nations.

Caption HereTribal Canoe Journeys

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50th Anniversary of the March on Washington: What is America saying?

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Examples of exchanges:

Gratitude for Peace Tour

“Economic Crisis + Educational Crisis = Teaching for a Stronger Democracy” tour

Congressional Civil Rights Pilgrimage

Standing Tall Youth Conference, Quinault Indian Nation

Yurok Nation Leadership Exchange

“New Orleans: Katrina and the Status of Democracy” tour

Nicaragua’s Atlantic Coast: nonviolence leadership exchange

National Nonviolence Leaders Corps