Cultural Leadership Exchanges

Cultural Leadership Exchanges

Cultural Leadership Exchanges – occurring during each spring and summer break – run one to eight weeks in length. Teachers and students travel throughout the West Coast and nation, meeting with educators, civic and cultural groups, municipalities, Native Nations, and business groups.

Recent Cultural Leadership Exchange examples include:

Tribal Canoe Journeys: Teachers and students were invited by the Quinault Indian Nation to spend two weeks as volunteers, helping prepare for and participate in hosting over ten thousand visitors to the Quinault Nation. Students learned about sovereignty, the struggle to maintain culture, and the role of inter-generational relations.

Gratitude for Peace Tour: Teachers and students traveled for four weeks to over fifty towns and cities between Washington, Oregon and California. They hosted over twenty public events, met with Congressional members, school and business groups, tribal nations, cultural groups, the press, and others to thank them for their roles promoting peace and understanding.

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