Days of Gratitude

Last weekend, students and staff studied labor unions and their role in our society, what they do and why they are important.

“I’ve never been taught the importance of unions within my school, even though some of my teachers are a part of the Teachers Union. When I went to our Saturday class, I understood why teachers didn’t inform us. Our unions are under attack, their unity is under attack because of the Supreme Court’s Janice decision. It is time we erase the assumption that unions only increase wage, we as students and citizens need to be educated on the fact that unions raise the expectation of their employer, and unify those who face injustices in the work place. If unions hold expectations of their employer and workers, I now hold the expectation that no one will educate us on vital information but us. The class shined a light on how the current condition of the Labor Movement and how we as a community, as institutions and as individuals are effected by it. So join a union and support a union for a better democracy.” – Fatima Chaudhary, Kentwood High School Student