Democracy Education

Democracy Education Classes

Scholarship. Leadership. Citizenship.

Ethical leadership for personal and social responsibility.

Develop academic excellence. Improve community service. Develop the ability to understand the ideas and feelings of others while simultaneously understanding our own. Classes teach advanced reading, writing, and public speaking.

Research-based and culturally relevant curriculum directly address academic disparities and prepares teachers and students for meaningful civic engagement.

Democracy Education classes align with Washington and California state standards in Social Studies, Reading, Writing, Communication, and Environment & Sustainability.

Proven Results

Longitudinal data (Bohlke, 2013) evidences high school completion (100%), college entrance (94%), degree conferral (87%), and an impressive array of career integration and business and public sector positions.

Additional results (2002, Grambeau):

  • 93% of students increase homework completion
  • 98% demonstrate improved respect toward peers and selves
  • 68% “significantly” decrease negative behavior
  • 100% increase concern for community, social justice, and culture

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