DONATE – Give the Gift of Dr. King’s Legacy


Donate today to the Institute for Community Leadership Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Life and Legacy Classes! 

 Your Donation Provides:

  • Curriculum for one student for the week of programming
  • Lunch and snack for one student for the full week
  • Travel & lodging
  • Staffing for the full week

What the Dr. King Life and Legacy Classes are about:

The Institute for Community Leadership holds a five day session for students to change themselves to make a difference in the world. The Life and Legacy of Dr. King Classes offer nonviolence as a means to develop self-control. Through the Dr. King Life and Legacy Classes, students develop inner realm character and conduct required to live according to their own values and beliefs which strengthens self-confidence, motivation, and cultural integrity.


Life and Legacy impact:

  • Students align their conduct with their values and beliefs
  • Ethics and values are developed through active participation in community problem solving
  • Students develop the ability to speak and act eloquently for a stronger democracy
  • Live in this exact moment with critical capacity to confront injustices and inequities, and ability to be the change they desire to see in relationships around them