DONATE – To Us You Matter Civic Engagement Tour Summer 2022


Donate today to the Institute for Community Leadership To Us You Matter Civic Engagement Tour Summer 2022! 

Your time, input, donations and support are essential to the success of this robust and critical, timely summer tour! Please consider one or more of the following:

Financial Support

Your financial support is essential this summer. Please generously consider:

• Your Yes we Can! donation of $25.00 assists in securing meals and snacks for 140 local student’s participation in self-transformational summer classes.

• Your The Time is Now! donation of $100.00 assists in securing curriculum and materials for classes and civic engagement opportunities for 215 students this summer.

• Your We Are the Change! Sponsorship of $1,200.00 provides a one-week experience for a local student to participate in home visits, virtual and in-person classes, and civic engagement events this summer.

• Your To Us You Matter! Lead Sponsorship of $5,000 provides a two-week experience for one student traveling between the west coast and the state of Alabama in July. This sponsorship covers airfare, ground transportation, meals and hotel/overnight accommodations.


Our team of staff and youth are traveling to the counties of Pierce, King and Grays Harbor, Washington; Contra Costa, Yolo, Sacramento, Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, California; and Montgomery, Dallas, Macon and Wilcox, Alabama. We are carrying out meetings with elected officials, community leaders and social change luminaries with the purpose of expanding our regional capacity for intergenerational and interracial civic engagement.

If you have a recommendation for a meeting in one of these regions, or could assist with meals, transportation or other logistical support, please contact Dr. Nyla Rosen, or call 253-508-3250.

The Tour

The Institute for Community Leadership embarks on its 30th To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour with 75 traveling youth leaders and over 140 local students.

The To Us, You Matter Civic Engagement Tour is a life-changing experience that helps students create a life-long dedication to the common good. Seventy-five traveling youth leaders and staff from the Washington-based Institute for Community Leadership (ICL), Oakland-based Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center, and Alabama-based Alabama 0-7 will spend six weeks this summer studying and taking action in a variety of cities, towns, and cultural/historical sites.

Along with the traveling delegation, over 140 local students will meet with elected officials, civil rights leaders, judges, labor, cultural and community groups and activists. From June 25 to August 6, the group will engage in intensive study and activities, as well as connect with communities and improve their leadership abilities. They will critically examine social issues and injustices and collaborate to find constructive solutions through community organizing and political action.

All high school-aged children were recommended for the Tour by community leaders and public employees (including teachers, principals and elected officials). They all have a strong desire to make a difference and a strong dedication to this wonderful summer intensive.

The Institute for Community Leadership’s mission is to promote democracy and increase social and economic justice by teaching and equipping young people to be lifelong, active participants in a dynamic, fair and equitable democratic process.

The work of the world, the job of building peace, fairness, and democracy, is for everyone.