ICL and Civic Education Statewide

Civics classes in all elementary, middle and high schools, voter education and registration opportunities for all high school seniors, and community-based civic engagement opportunities in all schools form the three pillars of the Institute for Community Leadership’s TO US YOU MATTER, Vote! campaign.  Toward these ends, ICL participates in and contributes to various county and statewide efforts working to promote active civic education and engagement opportunities for professional development, and for students.


This photo features former Senator Karen Fraser, a board member at TVW, who invited several key statewide partners including the League of Women Voters, the Council on Public Legal Education, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, the Institute for Community Leadership and others, to join in a recent TVW’s breakfast which celebrated some of the initiatives taking place in Washington State.  


TVW aspires to advance open government, and holds access to government convenings, and civic education as cornerstones of their efforts. TVW resources for classroom use can be accessed on their website at http://www.teachwithtvw.org. The League of Women Voters provides free access to a Washington State civics textbook entitled Washington: The State We Are In, which covers the basics on how our government works, and includes tribal history and government as an integral aspect of civics education.  This user-friendly and comprehensive resources is also available online, at http://www.lwvwa.org/studies.html. ICL students and staff work with the LWV around the state, bringing awareness of this important and highly accessible community and classroom resource.


The Council on Public Legal Education promotes understanding of the law and civic rights and responsibilities and has launched a Civic Learning Initiative.  The initiative is designed to insure all students in Washington State have interactive, relevant civics education classes and opportunities as a fundamental component for community participation in adulthood, and a necessary building block for democracy.  To learn more about the CPLE, and their Civic Learning Initiative, visit http://www.lawforwa.org/civics-washington/council-public-legal-education.


For more information on the Institute for Community Leadership statewide efforts, or to participate directly in the TO US YOU MATTER, Vote! campaign, please contact our office today at 253-872-3612.  

Caption: From left, Dr. Karen Bohlke, Institute for Community Leadership, former Senator Karen Fraser, a board member at TVW, Karen Verill, League of Women Voters, Jill Severn, League of Women Voters.