Listen to three Institute for Community Leadership students prepare speeches and essays: Devin Watts, Ilwad Mahammad, Feruza Sherif (in order).

The Institute is carrying out five classes weekly. We are posting unedited videos of the classes. “It is important while responding to the COVID-19 crisis that we do not slow down our liberatory work and go into idle.” says Institute for Community Leadership Executive Director Dr. Roy Wilson.

COVID-19 threatens humanity. It is lethal, and it attacks the economic, political and cultural systems in every country. The students and staff are working hard to make sure we follow all the protocols given out by all levels of government in order to suppress the virus. In addition, we are deeply committed to doing our part to arouse, educate, and organize for the political crisis confronting our nation and the world. We are focusing on daily classes and work assignments promoting the need for everyone to become dedicated voters. 2020 is an historic time when social and environmental justice will either make significant advances or setbacks. The difference will be determined by the people who are organized and understand our role in guiding and directing our nation.