Institute for Education with Ethics and Civic Engagement

Dear Friends: I am reaching out to you to let you know we will be hosting the Institute for Education with Ethics and Civic Engagement, July 1 to August 2, 2016 focusing on the urgency of civic engagement in 2016. It is co-produced by the Institute for Community Leadership and the Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center. Please consider following us on the Institute for Community Leadership’s website and Facebook. This residential, five-week encounter for teachers and students takes place in various regions of the Central Valley of California. Inter-generational and interracial delegates will live together for five weeks as they study and practice ethics, values, and civic engagement in the context of racial disparities, voter restoration, and polarizing social economic conditions.

A few highlights about the Institute this summer. Teachers and students will,

• Participate in 48 hours of Education with Ethics and Civic Engagement classes, 1.5+ hours daily for 30 days, involving extensive study, writing, and speaking.
• Carry out 200 hours of civic engagement in urban areas such as Bakersfield and Fresno, California, and rural areas including Arvin and Lamont.
• Visit the historic 187-acre National César Chávez Center, the U.S. National Parks’ César E. Chávez National Monument, site the Headquarters of the United Farm Workers during the life of Cesar Chavez, and the site of his burial
• Experience immersion into a culture and lifestyle of farmworkers, African American, Native, White, and Filipino leaders, around human dignity, justice, fairness, and asset based leadership

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We hope you can take part in this important activity.

Thank you,

For a stronger democracy,

Roy D. Wilson, Ed.D.
Institute for Community Leadership

Martin Luther King Jr. Freedom Center

Executive Producer
Barbara Lee and Elihu Harris Lecture Series