Life and Legacy of Dr. King, Jr.

Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Classes

Learn the conduct and ideas of democracy. Study and practice the steps of nonviolence. Develop speeches about Dr. King and your world.

This five day Dr. King session is for teachers and students seeking to change themselves to make a difference in the world.  Nonviolence helps develop self-control. It teaches us to learn how to learn; to develop the ability to understand the ideas and feelings of others while simultaneously understanding our own; to interact with serious students from many different cultures; and to study the ideas and practice of democracy.

Dr. King helped democracy grow in the United States.  He helped gain voting rights for all.  He helped integrate public places. When we understand history we can play an important role in the present and future.

Participants read and write together, meet with guest speakers, and visit historic sites. Classes prepare participants to better know their own values and principles and to make personalized and eloquent speeches about Dr. King and the meaning of his legacy for us today.

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