Online Leadership Seminar Dr David Johnson

Sometimes we lead from ahead, sometimes beside and often from behind others, supporting them to be their best.

We are grateful to Dr. David Johnson, President of Merritt College, for joining our youth leaders and staff for an online leadership seminar.

We discussed many topics including the importance of attitude and effort and the need to lead from various positions to achieve purpose, motivate and support people. Dr. Johnson currently serves as the President of Merritt College following service there as Vice President of Instruction in 2019. He has served as the Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at Cañada College in Redwood City providing responsive and transparent leadership to foster a culture of partnership and open communication with faculty, staff, and students. Before moving into administration Dr. Johnson spent 15 years in the classroom, teaching at such institutions as the University of Washington, the University of California, Berkeley and California State University, East Bay.