As parents, we are constantly confronted with two strong emotions regarding our relationship with our children.  On the one hand, we desire to help them develop the strength and the confidence to be successful in a career and as family members, and community members.  On the other hand, we also desire to play a role in making them happy and comfortable.  As each of us know, most of the time  these two desires conflict and we make difficult choices– or society makes those choices for us.

Parenting takes place in a globalized world, where the career of yesterday may not provide for today.  Our children are bombarded by products and messages that highlight personal comfort, entertainment, instant gratification, and pleasure.  A lot of what is going on around us conflicts with our family and community values and beliefs.

Parenting our children for success, without being the antagonizing (or antagonized) parent “that none of us wants to become,” is a genuine and serious concern.

The ICL classes and programs for students help our young people become part of this dialogue– and help them become part of the solution.

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