Selected student writings, drafted during our Leadership Class ten minute writing session is shared – Amelie

Amelie Wakatake 11th grade

The race for equality, justice, and peace is not a sprint, but a never-ending marathon. Throughout the race for equality there will be sprinters who see the prize of equality then stop, for the prize is not worth the cost. However, “every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.” We must all make sacrifices to obtain equality. When we run farther in our race, we may have to break our chains by sacrificing relationships, a job, or our very life. Despite these losses, we must remember as we push past the pain for every stride that the losses are worth living in a nation where justice and equality for all is not nationalist rhetoric or a dream, but a reality. While we run, exhausted, down-trodden feeling that every step forward and word spoken is pointless, we must know with all our hearts and our minds that it is detrimental for our nation, our world, and for the next generation that we speak, that we walk if we cannot run, that we crawl if we cannot walk, that we move forward. If not, we will turn back to see the demise of our progress, the expiration of what could be, and the death of who we are.