Selected student writings, drafted during our Leadership Class ten minute writing session is shared – Jenovic

Jenovic Nsambu11th grade

The morality of materialism kills many nations .we become poor morally and spiritually by the power of materialism,we die when we can see the material first .We die when we are poor morally and spiritually with the abundance of material.we die when we can no longer speak up for justice and peace .selfishness makes you alone , when we’re not supposed to be alone , on this earth , that makes you blind and deaf , when you think you have fresh eyes to see with and good ears to listen . we must take a move forward, for the good of our nation, make a choice of change , a choice of staying awake for your nation .The decision of moving forward requires sacrifice , suffering and struggle; we must be passionate about what we’re doing. we must face our fear and don’t be afraid of anything, keep on stepping. Practice your knowledge.