Sharing a few selected student writings, drafted during a Saturday Leadership Class, fifteen minute writing session – Fynn Manohchompoo

Fynn Manohchompoo
11th grade
If you don’t know what is happening
And I don’t know what is happening
Then we have failed
Failed to stay awake
Our eyes are open
They are unseeing
We have followed a rope line in the wilderness
Only to get more lost
We have boarded a train
Without knowing the destination
Upon victory, upon opportunity
We have closed ourselves back into the cage
Our complacency with the status quo is unsettling
A pandemic has become the new normal
Injustice happens outside our very window
The world is burning for our actions
If we don’t act
Change will pass us by
The ebb and flow of history
Will become a lullaby
The time is not tomorrow
For our chance Is today
This hour, this moment, this instant, this time
Will we sleep through revolution?
Or will we rise up to meet it
Will we take our chance to end poverty?
End racism, end violence, war, climate change
Take each other’s hands in unity
Or let our division become the darkness that smothers us
If we want change
We must be it
Then and only then
Will we finally see it