Shoulder the Vote!

Sohani (15 years old) — “Getting out the vote is VITAL in order to change and improve the future of the society we live in and America as a whole. Receiving positive feedback such as hearing others say “I’m already registered to vote” in an enthusiastic tone motivates me. I’ve realized that my voice matters as much as their vote does, and I am able to uplift myself, and others. I’ve increased the opportunity for my self-esteem to boost, simultaneously I increased the opportunity for someone to get their voice, their vote, in. It is an amazing and powerful experience of impact.”
Maggie (16 yrs old) — “Calling others feels empowering. I sometimes feel so helpless knowing that this election is deciding my future, but I have no say because I cannot vote. Calling others to vote reminded me that I can make a difference. It helped me confront my own power, of communicating to others and sharing my voice.”
Ilwad (15 yrs old) — “The experience of talking to people and encouraging them to vote is quite liberating. To know that my voice can change people’s mind on the importance of voting. It’s surprising how much talking with someone about voting can have an effect on a person. I know if I were to receive a call from someone informing me, I would feel not only obligated but motivated to vote knowing that someone cared enough about my vote to call me.”
“Shoulder the Vote — We are young leaders, too young to vote, we respectfully as YOU to Shoulder the Vote for us!” Institute students are calling voters and walking neighborhoods to leave door-hangers each week in a safe and socially-distanced fashion respectfully asking adults to “Shoulder the Vote!” So far they have reached over 3,000 community members! Some of their reflections are above.