There is no doubt that teaching is the most important profession in America.  Educators provide for the intellectual and social/psychological development of the citizenry. All other professions, careers, and lines of work, rely on educators preparing each of us to participate in our own lives and in the life of the community and nation. Teaching  is a demanding endeavor.

As society changes more and more rapidly, impacted by a highly globalizing economy, teaching and learning take on more complexity.

The Institute for Community Leadership provides classes and workshops providing educators with insights, methodology, and resources to help meet the challenges.

Our classes

The Institute for Community Leadership (ICL) provides professional development in research-based culturally relevant methodology and content.  ICL provides content and lessons for civics, history, and social studies grades 6 through 12.

ICL classes and workshops develop the science of teaching and learning addressing complexities of today’s society.

  • The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
  • Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement
  • Teaching Democracy
  • Engaging individuals from diverse races, cultures, and economic stations
  • Personal transformation through social participation
  • Community-based intrinsic motivation:  inspiring interconnection, self-confidence,  and caring for others.

Contact: Dr. Nyla Rosen, 253 872 3612 or Nyla@icleadership.org.