The Institute for Community Leadership produces a West-Coast wide travelling leadership delegation. This year, it is called To Us, You Matter: Civic Engagement Tour. During the Tour, students participate in daily classes on the theory and practice of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., facilitate community events, and develop an understanding of the power of civic participation. Students study what America is saying about democracy, and inspire the need for civics and leadership education in our schools.

The student’s Tour will stop in over 100 cities, towns, and rural areas in three states on the West Coast. It will be meeting with businesses, community organizations, schools, faith-based entities, and native nations. Sponsors and partners include school districts, local educational agencies, local businesses and corporate entities, universities and community colleges in Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, Stockton, Richmond, Eugene, Salem, Portland, Olympia, Tacoma, Kent, Federal Way, Seattle, and Spokane.  Every day students wake up early, stay up late, make their own meals, clean up, and camp out (they even leave their phones at home). We know this journey assists the youth in developing resilience, confidence and ethical reasoning necessary not only to be good students, but also great leaders.

big thank you to the following supporters of our tour: